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Candice Chaignat, hypnotherapist, life coach, mind trainer, master NLP practitioner with Mindtology

The only person 
you are destined to become is


- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Discovering harmony within yourself, cultivating fulfilling relationships with others, and nurturing a deeper connection with your partner are essential components of a fulfilling life. Just as we prioritize physical health through exercise and self-care, our mental well-being deserves the same attention.

I believe that investing in mental and emotional wellness is key to unlocking true potential to living a life of happiness filled with meaningful connections you desire.

This is Mindtology...

Mindtology uses proven and powerful techniques of hypnotherapy,
NLP, Inner Child Integration and coaching to train your mind to let go of your hurdles and old unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behavior, reframe your mindset, that will guide 
you on a transformative journey toward authenticity and a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and those around you.

...and I'm Candice

and mind training is my passion and my career, which makes me love what I do and continuously learn about the fascinating capabilities of the human mind.

I have used hypnotherapy to empower myself through naturally birthing my children, moving through grief, going through the challenges of relocating, going through divorce consciously, and redesigning my life.

Experiencing first hand the power of mind training and how it has positively transformed my life and consequently the life of people around me made me decide to specialize in this craft to pass down empowering tools to other people who are going through similar paths, want to free themselves from unnecessary struggle, and want to live a more fulfilling life. I find that there is no better feeling to me than practicing my ikigai and seeing my clients grow and become who they want and deserve to be.

I specialize in conscious relationship coaching, training people to design strong, healthy and meaningful relationship that are right for them.

I hold qualifications as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Child Integration Therapist, Life and Success Coach, Counsellor, and NLP Master Practitioner.

...And this is my journey

I haven't always been practicing this meaningful, fascinating career.
I grew up in the countryside of Switzerland, and I started my working journey in the design industry there and later on in California. I did not fully choose my profession. I was rather encouraged to go that way by my mother who did not believe I would be successful in the path I wanted to choose. I did like the creativity of design, but deep inside, my profession did not feel right. I tried a few different paths in the design world, but still felt that none were fulfilling. This helped me decide to become a different designer: a baby designer, aka a mother. This made me connect deeper with some of my values: to create, nurture, learn and grow; and also made me bring to my awareness my past unhealed wounds, my weaknesses, and my unmet needs. When I relocated to Singapore, with a baby and a toddler in tow, trying to build a new home in this new environment, away from my supporting system such as family and friends, in a marriage that was falling apart, I started to deeply feel the degradation of my sense of self, and feel that my flame was dying. I felt lonely and lost. I realized I neglected myself as I focused on taking care of everyone around me. That is when I also realized that I was still a designer, and that I had to take care of myself, be my own client and redesign my life the way I wanted, to become my authentic self. I set free the voice of Candice who was trapped deep inside by all my old limiting beliefs formed in my childhood which were dictating to me what my life was supposed to be like. And so I embarked on what I called my rebirth, the redesign of Candice, to become a fulfilled empowered self, who is able to take care of herself, and support her loved ones in a wholesome way.

With the help of my own mind work, and assisted by amazing coaches, I found my ikigai, and designed a fulfilling life, full of joy and sense, with relationships that are uplifting and right for me.  My children now enjoy their life with a happy fulfilled mother and father, who now share a meaningful, respectful friendship. 

And now, through my career, I get to practice and share what I am passionate about. Being a different type of designer, helping my client redesign their life and their relationships. I get to share the flame that is burning bright in me with them, for them to find the inspiration and empowerment that supports them on their path to self discovery, self actualisation, and creation of meaningful conscious relationships.


  • Certified Inner Child Integration Therapist,
    International Institute for Integration Therapy & Training, US, Netherlands, Singapore

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist,
    The Mind Academy, Australia

  • Life and Success Coach,
    The Mind Academy, Australia

  • Master NLP Practitioner,
    The Mind Academy, Australia

  • Practitioner Diploma in Integrative Evidence-based Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (PDHyp),
    The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (ICCHP)

  • Practitioner Skills Award in Counselling Skills and Techniques,
    School of Clinical Hypnosis, Singapore,
    accredited by ICP – The International Council of Psychotherapists

  • Practitioner Skills Award in Emotional Freedom Technique,
    School of Clinical Hypnosis, 
    accredited by ICP – The International Council of Psychotherapists

  • Trained HypnoBirthing Educator, HypnoBirthing Institute, USA

  • Trained ICF coach, Wasambe, Singapore


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